Jenn Chaurie

Jenn Chaurie


  • CrossFit L-1
  • CrossFit Judges Course
  • First Aid/CPR


Jenn wandered into Reebok CrossFit Coastal Carolina in the Summer of 2014. She had been doing a lot of running, Spartan races, and Gold’s gym classes, but I never seemed to get enough. New to the area and looking for a challenge, CrossFit immediately became an obsession. She has never looked back since!

“Working with Meg and Whitney over the years as a coach and event organizer has been one of the most gratifying and positive experiences of my life. The people who have come into my life by way of Reebok are some of the best I’ve ever known. I’ve found great friends, inspiring role models, and a pretty great husband! ”

Jenn believes, at it’s most fundamental level, CrossFit makes athletes out of exercisers, teammates out of strangers, and a community out of the pursuit if fitness. “Reebok and the people in it have truly changed my life and I love passing on that gift to each person who walks through our doors!”

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